Why Choose Faelo Mexican Imports?

  • you buy at business established in Dallas TX, according to USA laws.

  • Your order will be ready between 30 to 60 days.

  • Your items have a 1 year guarantee replacement no cost in USA.

  • We are manufacturers, and make designs and measures according to your needs.

  • Can qualify for a financial option, until 5 years of financing.

  • Our price is the final price, no border or aduana cost.

  • The shipping cost is from Dallas TX.

  • We have more than 18 years of experience in USA business.

Bienvenidos a Faelo Mexican Imports


Faelo Mexican Imports brings the talent and inspiration of Mexican artisans to your restaurant. We import unique pieces from Oaxaca, Puebla, Michoacan, Guanajuato, and Jalisco.
We specialize in Mexican Resturants and because we understand that every ambience is different, we work over custom products, orders and specifications.


Acerca de Faelo Mexican Imports

About Us

Faelo Imports works closely with manufacturers and artisans, supervising the quality of every product. We have a wide network of providers in different points of Mexico, which allow us to import directly any solicited products. This concept saves our customers money and time in shipping, handling, and storage.


Productos de Importaciones Mexicanas Faelo


Faelo Imports classifies its products in 3 categories:
1. Furniture- Chairs, table tops, booths, bars, and service stations.
2. Ambience and Decor- Artwork, lamps, ceramic, brass, fountains, stained glass.
3. Novelties- Glasses, cups, pots, braziers, customized plates with your logo and MUCH MORE!


Murals Beautyfull Murals for you wall

Acerca de Faelo Mexican Imports


for two, three, four or any size do you need and design.

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Rustic Design, colored, with Mexican scene design.

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Table Top

Rustic, with tile, poster or handcave, any size any design

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and more...

everything you need, furniture, decor, novelties and more...

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  • Booth Rustico 002 Booth Rustico 002
  • Rustic Booth 001 Rustic Booth 001
  • Booth Rustico 007 Booth Rustico 007
  • Podium 003 Podium 003
  • Podium 002 Podium 002
  • Table With Poster 001 Table With Poster 001
  • Rustic Chair 012 Rustic Chair 012
  • Rustic Chair 014 Rustic Chair 014
  • Rustic Chair 015 Rustic Chair 015
  • Rustic Bar Chair 002 Rustic Bar Chair 002
  • Rustic Bar Chair 005 Rustic Bar Chair 005
  • Booth Rustico 027 Booth Rustico 027
  • Mexican small village Frames 006 Mexican small village Frames 006
  • Mexican small village Frames 010 Mexican small village Frames 010
  • Mexican small village Frames 011 Mexican small village Frames 011
  • Hand Carved Chair 010 Hand Carved Chair 010
  • Long horn Long horn
  • Color Chair 006 Color Chair 006
  • Aztec Calendar Aztec Calendar
  • Brass agave Brass agave