Terms & Conditions


It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of our terms & conditions.


1. When ordering your order merchandise by 50% the same and 50% will be paid before shipping the goods to their final destination is required.

2. Prices on our website are in US dollars.

3. The price includes relocation expenses, operations, freight, customs, insurance, packaging, to Dallas Texas. The buyer paid from Dallas Texas to its final destination.

4. Our delivery logistics including the United States (including Hawaii & Alaska) Canada and Europe and other countries subject to negotiation.

5. When you get the goods to their final destination the buyer agrees to have personnel to receive the ordered merchandise.

6. The delivery time is 45 to 60 days after your order to be complete.

7. If the buyer requires special packaging, you should ask for a quote.

8. The buyer giving the advance forces the seller to enforcement and to the prices may not be varied and this agreement rises to the level of contract.


Guarantees Our Products


1. All our products are guaranteed by manufacturing defects for one year within the United States.

2. The buyer recognizes that there may be slight imperfections in our products as all of them are (handmade) by hand.

3. All our products are inspected by customs authorities in the United States and are governed according to current import rules.

4. Once you have selected your order may not be modified or altered.

5. The selection of products will be detailed with a copy to the buyer, to production, to the seller, and buyer's responsibility will select designs, colors, sizes, vinyl, etc. 6. prized colors in the photos on our site may differ physically.

7. The buyer will always be aware of your order, in case of delay will be communicated as soon as possible.

8. Delays: The buyer is aware that we depend on suppliers and occasionally some raw materials not this momentarily in existence and this may cause a delay in the delivery date.

9. The buyer would be informed if you choose to wait or switch to another color, vinyl, paint, ink, tile, poster. According to the case.


Cancellation and / or Refund


1. The counter accepts and recognizes ordering your specifications, color, design, texture, vinyl (logo), if applicable measures which makes it different, unique, and for that reason do not accept cancellations.

2. Each buyer has a copy of your order which explicitly provides color, design, texture, vinyl, taxed and price, and will be the basis for a dispute. For all disagreements will be under the laws of the state of Texas.

3. Return: Furniture damaged scratched, beaten, abused, the buyer must make a report immediately to the signature of the operator company that I give and then make a claim to the insurance company.



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